Washington Small Business Council

Political Action Committee


The Washington Small Business Council (WSBC) is the political action committee (PAC) for Building North Central Washington—a non-profit trade association dedicated to serving the building industry and small businesses throughout the NCW region.


  • To formulate fundraising efforts; solicit contributions and make expenditures for the purpose of assuring positive results on issues and initiatives that affect small-business, and any political campaign or election of candidates who seek election to any State, County and/or City office, and who continue and promote the beliefs and ideals of small business.
  • To evaluate and understand the philosophies and records of elected office holders and candidates for such office, in concert with policies approved by the WSBC Board of Trustees.
  • To support the election of representatives in government who believe in the free enterprise system; the protection of private property rights and a commitment to government regulatory accountability.

Recent Updates:

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